Monday, November 5, 2012

5th November, 2012 SCCs Round Robin

Another month, with embroidery added to Ms block.
I used some Cottage Garden cotton Perle 12 variegated thread to work the feathered diamond trail with the rosebuds being worked in a different variegated perle 12 colourway.  Am very happy with the result.  I have laced chain stitch with some Colourstreams Ophir silk thread. 
I think that the good crochet cotton could be dyed and used for the same effect.
The spray of flowers has been worked with my handdyed silk ribbon for the silk flower spray, YLI silk thread for the greenery, Colourstreams "salt bush" for the bullion leaves, and Madiera thread for the buttonhole flowers. 

Thursday, September 27, 2012

2012 Christmas cracker swap.
I've joined in a swap of a Christmas cracker (you know the one that you pull at Christmas?).
I needed to make and embellish an 8" x 13" block in colours and style liked by the recipient, add lace at each end of the block, pop some fabric at the back, then roll it around a cardboard cylinder (paper towel size), filled with all sorts of goodies to further delight her, when she opens it on Christmas day.
I need to find some fabric that I know she will love, and fill the cylinder, before assembling it all together securely, finishing with ribbon round each end.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

2012 Round Robin.
This is the latest block, with my work.
The brief for this block was "Spring, no cool pinks or blues, happy for dark purples etc to be used"
I couldn't help but use Colourstreams "Venetian Sunset" ophir silk thread for the laced running stitch seam, and that thread set the scene for the rest of the work.
I used my dyed cotton thread for the feather stitched seam below, with a DMC variegated thread for the buttonhole flowers.
Used my dyed ribbon for the pansies.  It looks so bright.

My friend, Patti, loves Mountmellick work, so I thought it would be fun to add elements of this type of embroidery, using my dyed mulberry silk threads instead of the thicker cotton white thread traditionally used in Mountmellick.  Note the bullion leaves, the buttonholed feather stitch, and the buttonhole flowers.
I have included my silk ribbon flowers to finish.

2012 Round Robin.
Another Round Robin has been started with members of our group of crazy stitchers.  This is my naked block, which has already left for its journey.
Where has the time gone??!!  My last post was just before my youngest son announced his engagement to a lovely girl, and blogging ceased for the time being.
The "Tone on tone" round robin is long over, and this is my block, finished by this great group of crazies. I love it!! Thank you to all you wonderful friends.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

SCCs tone on tone RR - Florence's block

This beautiful block is in the gentle apricot tones.

My work consists of the silk ribbon floral spray in rusty tones, the embroidered cable seam treatment, with a silk thread and bead spray between. I then worked the bullion daisy spray on top beside my laced silk ribbon seam treatment. The inner seam treatment beside the rusty spray is my finishing touch.

What a lovely block. They have each been gorgeous in their toning embellishments, it is hard to choose a favourite.

One more block to do before my own green block comes home.

This is a green block as well, and I have it here ready to be worked on.

Keep posted.