Monday, November 5, 2012

5th November, 2012 SCCs Round Robin

Another month, with embroidery added to Ms block.
I used some Cottage Garden cotton Perle 12 variegated thread to work the feathered diamond trail with the rosebuds being worked in a different variegated perle 12 colourway.  Am very happy with the result.  I have laced chain stitch with some Colourstreams Ophir silk thread. 
I think that the good crochet cotton could be dyed and used for the same effect.
The spray of flowers has been worked with my handdyed silk ribbon for the silk flower spray, YLI silk thread for the greenery, Colourstreams "salt bush" for the bullion leaves, and Madiera thread for the buttonhole flowers. 


  1. Really love it. My sort of colors.
    Have not dyed any lace for ages...the dyes are in my back laundry pantry...of all places and three large craft bags with bulging pockets of silk ribbon etc under a small table in the back room.
    Not doing me much good.

  2. Dear threadgatherer: You are missed. When are you coming back?