Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Well, I am off again with my needle in 2011! vbg

Having decided to join in SCCs postcard swap, as a way to inspire me to pick up my needle this year, this group decided to keep to the similar theme for "Valentine Day". It seem we would all like to receive valentines at least once in our lives!! LOL

I decided to theme my postcards "Hearts and Flowers".

I thought this piece of dyed silk would be a good foundation to start with.

I then dyed some motifs, silk ribbon, mulberry silk thread and some rayon crochet cotton, all in a mixture of red dye powder, with a small amount of Heliotrope dye powder, and was pleased with the result. Each dyed item finished in a different shade of red..... great!

I visofixed the motif and three hearts to each of the backgrounds, and added simple floral sprays of roses around the motif, with laced running stitch outlining the hearts. I am pleased with the effect of the complimentary dyed pieces.
A photo of the finished cards will be here soon.

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